Drew is a rising hip hop artist coming out of Madison, Wisconsin.  His extreme passion, creative abilities, and determination put him up next in the Midwest.  His sound consists of immense story telling and conceptual diversity.  The range of Drew’s sound is anything from slow ballet-like tracks to southern hip hop sounds.  Through each song, Drew tells a story about his life in some way…truly knowing all his fans can relate in some wayunnamedddd.



Drew has progressed tremendously from his early mixtapes. The latest release was in the winter of 2014, when he dropped his free album “Food On The Table.”  The album has had great success all over the state with over half-thousand views.  The album aimed to inspire people to help their family/friends in any way they could.  Drew believes he can put food on the table for his family by ultimately making his music.  The album consisted of 15 songs, each one holding its own personality.  Be on the look out for the next project from 608 himself.


the dynasty

Drew has successfully created a following known as the “DYNASTY.”   Drew inspires members to be the best they can be in whatever it is they do.  If you love soccer, be the best at it.  If you love studying astronomy, be the most knowledgeable about astronomy.  Members of the DYNASTY strive to build their own empire for themselves and their family/friends.  If you want to be part of the DYNASTY, be dedicated to working your hardest on whatever it is you love to do.sdg