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James Newman


Students evacuate Pine Middle School.

Teacher stops school shooting

Jencie Fagan, a Nevada gym teacher, had an interesting day back in March.  It was a normal morning at Pine Middle school when suddenly students scrambled at the sound of gunfire from the cafeteria.  Fagan heard the gunshots from the gym and ran quickly towards the chaos.  In the midst of screaming and panic, Fagan met eye to eye with 14 year old gunman, James Newman.  According to GoodNewsBlog.com, Fagan had had several conversations with Newman before the incident.

“We had no clue this might happen. I knew him pretty well. We had had several conversations. He was even talking about joining the track team. He wasn’t a problem student, and he wasn’t an unhappy kid,” said Fagan.

Once Fagan saw Newman firing shots in the cafeteria, she knew she had to do something.  She walked towards the boy…and simply gave him a hug.

“He tossed the gun down, and then I hugged him, and I told him I wouldn’t leave him,” Fagan said.

Jencie Fagan managed to save lives that day, through her simple yet courageous act.  She says she feels bad for James Newman, but is just happy that no one was seriously hurt.  Two people were hit with ricochet bullets during that morning.  But thanks to Fagan, no one was killed. 

Newman is currently being tried as an adult in Nevada, and has a bail of $150,00.

Just remember, little acts of kindness can go a long way.